We have Dinosaurs and Dinosaur productions being produced by our parent company for your entertainment and Jurassic education.   Adam Zimmerman Productions, invites you to explore our platforms.  Examine our animals and think about how our Dinosaurs, living and in motion, can create an unparalleled atmosphere for your event.

For information about Adam Zimmerman Productions Inc. www.admzim.com

Additional Information

Up and coming information about The Dinosaur Project and other Dinosaur related products and performances, created by Adam Zimmerman Productions Incorporated, will be available soon.  The Dino Project site will be populated with more information as promotional materials become available and are brought online.


Our Dinosaurs in motion are all about bringing the impossible to life.  Adam Zimmerman Productions believes that the child in all of us, and the imagination of our children, deserve to believe that fantasy can be brought into the real.  Since popular culture reveres Dinosaurs as one of those child hood fantasies, we thought we would do the impossible and bring those fantasies to life the best way we know how.

Mechanical immense puppets now roam the grounds.  They move intricately and sound ferocious.  Our animals are all about what we think Dinosaurs used to be like.

The popularity of strolling Dinosaurs is outstanding and now available for your event.  There is no limit to the imagination of Adam Zimmerman Productions Inc.

You can make an exquisite difference for your guests by choosing The Dino Project to be a part of their experience.



NEWS!  That’s what this blog is about…

We will do our best to keep you up to date as to the progress of our project development.

How we do what we do is a pack of carefully guarded secrets, but what we will share is who we are working with, when we are walking, and what we are up to with new performance platforms.

Our biggest news is our large scale project is in pre production.  Hopeful and excitedly moving forward.  Soon to be seen at a play house near you.  A national theatre program with international potential.

For now; read up on our local programs and don’t worry, we feed our Dinosaurs well…


Call us during regular business hours and ask us about anything at all.  We will be pleased to share pricing, availability, and any technical information that may help us help you in regards to booking one or more of of Dinosaur creatures for strolling or a full scale theatrical production.

613 796 6779

Ask for Adam.